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Why LawVana ?

LawVana represents a new approach and an advancement of the traditional practice of law. 

My hope is that this site becomes a source of peace for all those seeking legal information.

Initially, the subject matter of the information provided will be limited to the state and federal jurisdictions within North Carolina.  During the first 25 years of my practice, I have deliberately applied the notion that "I can't know everything." However, I can be the starting point for anyone analyzing any legal issue.  Even in times when we aren't the right fit for a particular issue, there is significant value in being able to send a client to great resource, even if that resource is outside our own law firm or my own area of legal expertise.

In short, the answer to "Why LawVana?" is simply because quality referral and dedication

to ensuring that clients are guided to the correct resource is a big part of taking care of our clients' whole legal health, and taking care of your whole legal health is what we strive to do.